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Digital Rights Management using Amazon Quantum Ledger Database

Blockchain implementation outside the Financial Services is here. The technology has democratized to a degree where plug and play modules for immutable private blockchain systems are available. This brings forth an array of possibilities that technology startups and corporates alike capitalize on. One of these possibilities is in the domain of Digital Rights Management. It is the bane of the internet that once a type of content is , uploaded, there is always a possibility that this can be replicated and reused. The original content creator's hardwork is seldom noticed even with highly talked about attribution courtesies. This is where we have brought in our expertise with regard to blockchain. Our team, having worked in the past, with multiple blockchain systems like Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin etc. decided to bring this technology focus into one of our content e commerce projects.

Our team meticulously configured an immutable source of data storage and traceability using Amazon QLDB. Each time a type of content is uploaded onto our platform, the system generates a public and private key. While the public key verifies ownership and timestamps, the private key is a 2nd factor of authentication (apart from login) that allows the user to update the content. With a this solution, our customer is now able to :

  1. Maintain Immutability of Uploaded Content (Image, Text, Video and Audio).

  2. Ensure the highest level of security by using an encrypted private key on each interaction with the uploaded content.

  3. Assure a strict version control routine by restricting private key access.

  4. QLDB is a managed service by Amazon, that means 3rd party auditors and arbitrators can always get involved in any conflict resolution process and the customer is voided from any possible data manipulation clauses.

Now, looking forward to the content industry, in terms of music, artwork, visual effects, scholarly articles, journalism and more, our tech stack along with QLDB gives the perfect ecosystem to add value to your middleman service by adding the blockchain layer of security and encryption to your end customers.

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