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Erebor is the lonely mountain envisaged by the great writer of our times, JRR Toliken. Erebor contained the greatest city of the third age in the Lord of The Rings saga. It became the richest and most prosperous province due to it's ability as a collective to tap into the greatest treasures of their time through technological innovation and advancements. We've drawn inspiration from this story to build a legacy of our own.

Along these same lines, the greatest treasure of the 21st century is in our ability to create, analyze and make decisions through data. Our attempt is to build products and solutions that generate and analyze data at an exceptional rate. Erebor Cybernetics was founded with the ethos of providing bespoke digital product engineering services at the cutting edge of technology today.

We'd like to call ourselves as productivity developers as our efforts into blockchain, artificial intelligence and data science has helped our customers make better, more efficient and ultimately more productive decisions.

From Manufacturing Efficiency to Social Media sentiment analysis, if you have a requirement, we would probably have a solution ready for you.

As the CEO of this company, the primary responsibility of Product Design falls upon my shoulders. I spend a large portion of my budgeted time, dedicated to realizing customer expectations from diverse backgrounds from non technical small businessmen to CTO's of tech firms.

I believe in a process of visual consulting where the application is made ready before your eyes through the consulting and development process. As a futurist geek, I love to add more value to projects by bringing in technologies that are at the forefront of the industry.

As a company, our main intention is to deliver a futureproof, scalable and flexible solution with little to no dependence on parasitic third party tools that drain a portion of your revenue. For example, a simple CRM system can be custom tailored and built by us at Erebor, into your product, rather than having to go through a painstaking and time intensive process of researching, shortlisting and negotiating with a third party provider.

We also pride ourselves in our ability to provide customized analytics and dash-boarding solutions into the solutions we build. We believe that your code, data and IP belongs to you, the customer and not to other companies that "pretend" to add value to your product. In today's world in technology, you are only restricted by your imagination towards what you want to build. If you have the imagination to setup the foundation, we have the intellectual prowess to build your product.

In conclusion, No out of the box system can solve the diverse and bespoke requirements of today's industry. Even niche products that claim to cater to a specific industry would not work across different customers who use different engineering processes (for example). If you need a product, your probably have a problem; Then solve the problem by getting the solution developed!

Reach out to us for a free consultation today, and know that there's a technological solution for every realistic problem in our world.

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