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What is Digital Product Engineering?

We take immense pride in our top of the tier offering - Our Digital Product Engineering Services. It is a bespoke process through which we convert your idea and business plan into a fully functional technology product. From customized ecommerce offerings, digital rights management platforms to advance fintech terminals, our ability to analyze, visualize, improvise and deliver has set us apart in this industry.

What does our offering cover?

  1. Consulting : First, we spend time with you, the stake holder to build a technology stack around your idea or business plan. We then document the same into logical pseudo code, that gives you an understand of various workflows and processes as it runs on the selected technology stack. We support a cloud first, mobile first approach with an acute focus on inbuilt data analytics. This process can last anywhere from two days to a couple of weeks.

  2. Development : Our development team steps in at this stage to convert this pseudo code into an actual product. We ensure internal QA and testing to encapsulate the best industry standards into your product. We go with the tried and tested AGILE SCRUM methodology in which the customer is very much a part of the process receiving weekly demos and bi weekly progress reports. Our endeavor is to provide you with a fully functional product at the earliest, with the least amount of overhead costs. That means, timing and delivery as a guarantee. 3. Handover and Support : Most people outside the industry probably do not realize this but, this phase is probably the most crucial part of the entire project. We handle workloads of Knowledge Transfer, User Manuals, Training, Content Development, SEO , Digital Marketing and an end to end support to the product that we build. We like to tap into this phase with surgical precision and ensure that the success of our organization is tied to the product. The bottom-line is that we don't "Wrap Up" projects and relinquish all responsibility, but rather, we are with you as a key stakeholder in your business as it grows. Our team lives and breathes technology, and if you feel you are somewhat handicapped in that domain, setup a call with us. We are sure that you would find a unique, passionate and detail oriented team that would fit into your long term vision.

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